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We wish you a Najm Christmas!!!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! by THE NAJMTEK TEAM * You can dowload these images as wallpapers! 🙂 Advertisements

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Mobile victims: You could be a Nomophobe…

With the boom of the smart phones hand in hand with social networks, the communications sector is growing arguably fast on the recent years. However, there are people suffering from anxiety attacks and anger when they forget their cell, they are victims of a so-called diseases 2.0: Nomofobia! A study ran by the UK Post […]

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Crisis continues in Japan

The Japanese company Toshiba has announced it will close three of its six chip manufacturing factories in Japan, and cutting the volume of supply of these chips for Christmas. The basic reason behind this decision is none other than the weak demand in Europe and the United States, this type of chips used in PCs […]

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Kingston’s fastest USB memory

We are all desperate to make things faster and we become even more desperate in  situations where we want to do something urgently, such as copying a file from our PC to a USB or viceveresa. For such problems, Kingston has the solution. The company has launched the fastest USB memory in the world (at least […]

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Samsung wins court case Apple in Australia

Samsung Electronics Co. is free to sell its Galaxy tablet computer in Australia after a court Friday rejected Apple’s appeal in its global battle for the patent. The Supreme Court had temporarily banned the sale of the Galaxy while pending a final decision on allowing Appel to appeal on a court ruled in favor of Samsung. Following […]

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The patent war between Samsung and Apple

The European Commission is investigating the battle to keep Samsung and Apple to see if any of the companies have violated EU rules on patents in the mobile telephony sector, according to EU sources confirmed on November. The EU executive has requested information from both companies to try to clarify the facts, “a step in […]

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