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Everyone’s against Apple: Motorola’s patent lawsuit

Another day means another act in the increasingly common patent claims. Motorola has decided to give another battle to Apple in court:  this time on the iPhone 4S and (for some extension) icloud service from Apple. Motorola claims that Apple violates six patents concerning its phones with the iPhone 4S. Among those who have patents […]

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Palm’s former CEO, J. Rubinstein quits HP

Jon Rubinstein is one of the most recognized software engineers. During his career, he has been an important part of the Apple’s iPod development, he’s been the CEO of Palm, and held an important position in the HP infrastructure. After the company bought Palm in 2010, Rubinstein agreed to stay tied to the webOS within […]

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Do you have a stiff neck? Your tablet could be cause

The tablets are sold as light and easily manageable, but its use is often accompanied by bending postures of the head and neck in comparison with classical computers, according to some experts. The use of digital tablets may cause an increase in cases of stiff neck and other muscular pains caused by poor posture according […]

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Developing Medical Apps – Android Vs. iPhone for Healthcare

Android and iPhone are the two most preferred types of mobile devices today. Each of these mobile OS’ is constantly trying to outdo the other, both in terms of the developer and the user. While each one is just as powerful as the other, they are not without their own unique disadvantages. In this article, […]

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All About Developing Medical Mobile Apps

We are now relying more and more on our various mobile devices to complete many every day, even the more complicated, tasks for us. Users from all fields are increasingly using their smartphones and tablets for their extreme multitasking abilities and their efficiency. The medical field is no exception. Where medics and paramedics of the […]

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Bada + Tizen = Not sure yet

Samsung Electronics seems to be backing away from earlier reports saying it was combining its own mobile platform Bada operating system supported by the Intel Tizen. “We are carefully looking at it as an option for the platforms to better serve our customers” Samsung said in a statement. Kang Tae Jin, senior vice president of […]

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Would you change your Notebook for a UBOOK?

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How to save energy with Solar OLED?

According to a researcher at the London Centre for Nanotechnology, they could soon include photovoltaic cells behind a screen smartphone. Ahnood Arman says that only 36% of the light produced by an OLED screen is projected out and the rest is wasted. This is what led him to have the idea of creating a line […]

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A sad ending of a long film: Kodak in bankrupcy

Everyone knows by now that Kodak has been in free-fall for quite some time. Sooner or later had to get the final moment. Sad, but evidence that one of the icons of photography, a company that has meant so much to its long history that began in 1888, could not adapt to today’s digital world […]

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UBook’s review by BWONE

The UBook is a concept that we’ve seen tried on other laptops but the makers of it NAJMTEK are making it a reality for productivity. The concept laptopcomes with a 13.3 inch top screen and a 12.0 inch multi-touch keyboard screen at the bottom. It’s powered by the NAJM Software that allows the keyboard it’s ability […]

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