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Cyber-Attack for Apple, yes It can happen to them too….

According to Dr. Web malware analyst, the number of infected Macs has reached 600,000 since April, 4th, 2012.

A lot of Mcbook users argued back that 600.000 was not a lot unlike PCs  that are infected by millions everyday.

But this malware attack shows something: Macs are not immune. People have always been taught that Mac don’t get viruses, if you know a little about informatics then you should know it is not true. Like all operating systems, OS X is vulnerable and this weakness can be exploited.

If malwares could infect Mac then viruses can do it as well .

And the best way to target Mac is by the use of third party software.The current issue Mac had, came from a known flaw in Java, which was installed on every copy of OS X until the release of Lion last summer. The flaw was reported in January and patched by Oracle in February, but the Apple version of Java didn’t get a patch until early April. So for several months every Mac users were vulnerable unless they disabled Java.

Cyber-Security is an issue that Apple should take care of faster because the attacks may become less easy to counter in the future.

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