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Working for Najmtek a very promiscing start-up which develops the first multitouch laptop coupled to its multitouch application store. This is very inspiring to work for a project like this . The laptop will be released in december 2012 ! If you are interested , drop a message off !

Welcome to WIDI ( Wireless Display) !

You said Widi ? Oh you meant Wifi ? No this is WIDI !

The new Intel technology Wireless Display ( WIDI) allows you to connect your laptop to your TV.

And this is a great idea ! Do you remember the times when  you had to watch your favourite TV Show or  movie on your ridiculous 13inches screen with four of your friends in your bedroom? The times you wish you had a cable to connect to your TV but you never had the time to buy one?

Well, Thank Widi ! You can now watch, share your videos, music, images, on a bigger screen thanks to a simple wireless connection.

How does it work? You just need to connect an HDMI adaptor to your TV (unless your TV has Widi technology already integrated) and follow the instruction. That’s it ! Once every wireless connections are configured then you just need to activate the WIDI share screen button !

It is a quite simple technology but which gives comfort and a better opportunity to exploit fully all the technology around you.

Avec la technologie Intel® Wireless Display (WiDi), connectez votre ordinateur portable à votre TV

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