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Working for Najmtek a very promiscing start-up which develops the first multitouch laptop coupled to its multitouch application store. This is very inspiring to work for a project like this . The laptop will be released in december 2012 ! If you are interested , drop a message off !


No matter you want it or not , social networks force you to share your life on the web. Before, only celebrities had a public life… now everybody has one on sites such as Facebook.

Everyme is a new social network which believes people can still share stuff but way more privately.

The company has  just released their application on the App Store.

So how is it different from Facebook?

The main function of Everyme is to look at your contacts and find their respective networks.

Let’s give an exemple : You want to share a picture of yourself in front of the Eiffel Tower from Paris, if your brother doesn’t have Everyme, it’s fine. The application will look for what kind of networks your brother has. If he only has a phone number, the message will be sent to him through a text. If he only has an email adress then he will received it through his email account.

Similar to the system of Google + Circles, the Everyme Users can arrange contacts helping them to control who and what they are sharing.

So unlike Facebook, there is no way other people than the ones you sent the infos to , taht could see and receive what you are up to. Indeed on Facebook, once your real friends and acquaintances are all jumbled up in one website then you are not sure of who has access to your contents anymore.

” We also monitor your social network profile for changes in your life or interesting signals. It’s called Magic Stories. If you post a popular tweet, like a new movie on Facebook, or change jobs, we will automatically share those to  circles that you’ve turned that feature on for. It’s very cool , I’ve never seen it done anywhere else” Everyme co-founder Vibhu Norby said.

We will probably hear from Everyme anytime soon !

Image source : https://everyme.com/


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