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Working for Najmtek a very promiscing start-up which develops the first multitouch laptop coupled to its multitouch application store. This is very inspiring to work for a project like this . The laptop will be released in december 2012 ! If you are interested , drop a message off !

Floating Touch ?! Touch without Touching…

The Xperia Sola , the last smartphone developed by Sony had been released to satisfy  Google Applications fans.

If the screen is not as big as we would expected, the Xperia Sola is the first smartphone to bring Floating Touch Technology that allows anyone to browse the web without touching the screen !

The principle is quite simple , instead of touching your screen, you would get close enough to the screen so you can select a paragraph or a line or even use your finger like it was a real mouse. Controlling your phone with an aerial dance with your finger above it. Why not ?

According to Business mobile.fr, the techonology is really fun to use even though it still has some difficulties to work without flaws, but it also can be really efficient if you masterize floating touch.

But is really useful? Right now , you can only use this feature for your Web Browser which limits its usefulness.

Except the fact you will probably clean less your screen, the classical browsing mode ” Screen Touch” should  come back naturally. I guess Touch takes less focus than floating touch. For instance, Touch is the fastest way to use your phone currently.

The technology has a great future on other platforms like Xbox, Ps3, Wii, Larger touch screens or why not laptops.

However nice try Sony and we will be waiting for more feedbacks on this technology !

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