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Have you ever wanted to dream and be able to do whatever you want : flying, playing an instrument like god, being a superstar, or anything that please you?

Your dream of being able to control your dream became reality ( It can be  a little confusing, I know)

The company Bitbanger Labs created by two friends Duncan Frazier and Steve McGuigan have been working on Remee – The REM enhancing Lucid Dreaming Mask .

How does it work?

The principle of their mask is simple : while you are in REM ( rapid eyes movement) sleep which happens every one hour and half after you fall asleep, the mask will  display light patterns for 15-20 seconds with a second shorter delay, default at 15 minutes, between each signal.

When you are in a non-REM sleep, these lights will not affect you, but if you are in a REM sleep then you present a perfect chance to become lucid in your dream.

Basically, while you will be dreaming you will see the lights and realize you are dreaming. This way you can take control of  your deeds.

The mask had been welcome very warmly by the high tech & lucid dreamer communities. The project has already reached its funding goal, so they’re definitely going to be produced.

This is a very interesting step in mind controlling… hope to see this product soon !

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