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Working for Najmtek a very promiscing start-up which develops the first multitouch laptop coupled to its multitouch application store. This is very inspiring to work for a project like this . The laptop will be released in december 2012 ! If you are interested , drop a message off !


On the 3rd of May, Samsung will be presenting in London  the ” Samsung Galaxy III”. Probably, one of the most expected phone of the year with the future Iphone 4S or Iphone 5.

And according to Gizmodo Brazil here are the first stolen pictures of the Galaxy III :

Convinced or not ?

As always stolen pictures are  bad quality…which is relatively weird when we know the quite good quality of cameras nowadays… but yes why not.. So the two picture are so  blurry  that we can not tell the phone’s design. However according to Gizmodo the smartphone is very thin, light and carries a 12 megapixel camera. No more details, of course.

According to another source: the Verge, the smartphone on the pictures is not the final version of GSIII.

As far as I’m concerned, it looks like the shell is probably hiding the phone under…

The Secret is well kept, I do not worry for Samsung, I’m pretty sure few of Samsung’s employees had the chance to see it… so let’s be patient. Two more weeks to go !

Let’s hope, they will not disappoint us !

See you in London on the 3rd of May !

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