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Najmtek is a technology start-up, created in 2014, client company of the Houston Technology Center. By commercializing the virtualization of technical hardware and external devices into software applications, Najmtek designs the future of mobile computing while being responsible custodians of the planet. Najmtek has created a powerfully dynamic hardware and software tool, named the UBook, a universal notebook, which delivers a more advanced set of functionalities. Ubook is the premier innovative hybrid IT device of 2016, Top 50 in technology 2016: the first multi-touch, multi-language, multi-accessory and multi-function laptop. Ubook is all-in-one, intuitive and fully customizable. Ubook perfectly fits all your communication and device input needs, regardless of language, and it even supports the special requirements of the disabled user. Ubook is a single machine infinitely transformable with a single touch, streamlining the way we live and work. Najmtek changes the way users interact with their technology as they participate in and contribute to the world. The only limitation is the user’s imagination.

Original Prince of Persia source code published

The creator of the game Prince of Persia, Jordan Mechner, has released and recently published on the web the original source code forgotten for so long.

From 1985 to 1989, Jordan Mechner coded alone the game that what first published in 1989 by Broderbund. It was developped in 6502 assembly and stored on 3.5-inch floppies disks. Mechner says that the task of extracting the source code from those 22 years old disks: “took most of a long day and night”.

In addition to releasing the original code, Mechner has also published a 30-page reference document written back in 1989 to help port the game to platforms like Amiga, Sega and the PC.

Even if the source code is now available to be studied, and modified, it’s technically not an open source software. Jordan Mechner emphasizes that Prince of Persia is still an ongoing Ubisoft franchise: “Ubisoft alone has the right to make and distribute Prince of Persia games”, he writes.

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