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Google is not guilty of Java patents violation. This is the verdict returned by 10 jurors from the federal court in San Francisco ( California) in the trial opposing Google to Oracle. They concluded unanimously that Oracle – owners of Java-  could not prove that Google’s Android represented Java patents violation. ” We are thankful […]

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Google buyouts (officially) Motorola

After validation of regulation authorities, Google can eventually finalize Motorola buyout. But why does the Mountain View based company want Motorola ? 9 months after annoucing the buyout, the transaction is accepted. The last regulation authority from China gave its agreement last saturday at one condition : Google must let its mobile OS free and […]

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MICROSOFT vs FACEBOOK : fight for social network supremacy?

New social network platform Only two days  Facebook is on the stock market that already a new competitor dreams to steal Facebook’s crown. It is not a start-up, it is Microsoft which decided to launch it – with no special ambition or great announcement like Google did with Google +. This new social network called […]

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Very Busy Week for Facebook Founder !

For Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and CEO,  this week was a really busy week – from his birthday, to Facebook IPO, to I DO. On Monday, Marc Zuckerberg celebrated his 28th birthday. He his born in 1984. Then on Friday, the company launched an huge IPO at an initial public offering at $38 a share, giving […]

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Disney Video Beta !

A new product just came out from the Disney Interactive Labs: the DISNEY VIDEO, which is a new place to watch Disney Video on the web. It was announced yesterday on twitter by Henry Work, a Senior Software Engineer working at Disney Interactive Labs. This new video portal ( will gather all the best of […]

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AMD launches the new TRINITY APU

Trinity, the second generation of AMD’s A-Series accelerated processing unit (APU) has arrived on last Tuesday. The new chips feature new x86 code-named Piledriver cores and Radeon HD 7000-series graphics cores, and it promises to boost in performance and battery life, for mainstream and ultrathin laptops, mainstream desktops, all-in-one PCs, home theater systems, and embedded […]

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Najmtek GPU conference tech live DAY 2

Hello everyone, Day 2 in San Jose, California. Today is the Emerging Company award ceremony, all day long Nvidia jury members came up to our stand to judge the technology and to see how it could fit well with NVIDIA GPU technology. The results will be known tonight , we will keep in touch during […]

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First Google Driverless car licenced in Nevada

Two months ago, the Nevada’s Department of Transportation approved and set regulations that would allow self-driving vehicles on the state’s roadways. Nevada has issued the first license  for Google self-driving cars after conducting tests demonstrating that the car is really safe for being tested on public streets. However, there are some restrictions: 1. two people […]

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NAJMTEK : GPU technology conference LIVE !

Hi Najmtek followers, Najmtek and the Ubook are currently in San Jose to present their multitouch laptop concept to the high tech community. We hope to have positive feedbacks and maybe a very encouraging hand from potential or future partners ! Our team in San Jose will share with you all the details and exclusive […]

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Tablets: the next children’s favorite toy

According to a study powered by the website, it seems that tablet will become the next children’s favorite toy. The first one for years, the television, was surpassed by the computer a few years ago. And the time has come for computer to be passed over by the tablets. The’s studies – made […]

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