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Najmtek is a technology start-up, created in 2014, client company of the Houston Technology Center. By commercializing the virtualization of technical hardware and external devices into software applications, Najmtek designs the future of mobile computing while being responsible custodians of the planet. Najmtek has created a powerfully dynamic hardware and software tool, named the UBook, a universal notebook, which delivers a more advanced set of functionalities. Ubook is the premier innovative hybrid IT device of 2016, Top 50 in technology 2016: the first multi-touch, multi-language, multi-accessory and multi-function laptop. Ubook is all-in-one, intuitive and fully customizable. Ubook perfectly fits all your communication and device input needs, regardless of language, and it even supports the special requirements of the disabled user. Ubook is a single machine infinitely transformable with a single touch, streamlining the way we live and work. Najmtek changes the way users interact with their technology as they participate in and contribute to the world. The only limitation is the user’s imagination.

French smart chip “father”, Roland Moreno, dies

The Frenchman who invented the internationally recognised Smart card has died in Paris aged-66. For a lot of people Roland MORENO was considered as the father of the “smart card”.

Moreno was only 29 when, in 1974, he first patented the idea for a miniature circuit board that could hold secure electronic data. Then he set up his own company, Innovatron, to exploit the concept, which he claimed had come to him in a dream.

By the time his patent ended in 1994 it had earned him and his company Innovatron nearly €150 million. The security on the chip has managed to weather the test of time. In 2000 he offered €150,000 if anyone could crack the code in three months. The money was never claimed.

The smart card is nowadays widely used for many purposes such as:

  • in mobile phones (SIM card)
  • but also in the payment industry (credit card),
  • Health (Carte Vitale),
  • transportation (Navigo card and similar)
  • and many other devices.

At the time of his death, Moreno continued to receive royalties from the use of Innovatron’s technology in French transit cards and the Vélib bike-sharing scheme in Paris.

(Roland Moreno, inventor, born 11 June 1945; died 29 April, 2012)

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