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Najmtek is not just another startup company. Najmtek developed a new innovative product which is the first hybrid product on the market, a fusion between a laptop and a tablet with a stylus provided, called UBOOK. UBOOK (Universal NoteBOOK) is a new concept of laptop including a touch-sensitive keyboard (screenboard). It has all the advantages of the first one (power, compatibility, capacities) and also those of the second one (weight, user-friendly). It is coupled with a multi task software, and a SDK that will allow each of you to develop your own application. Due to his conception, UBook is a “green laptop”, the product for a better life, the product that will help saving hundreds of trees every year.

dell quest

DELL bought QUEST software

Dell made another major acquisition on Monday: he bought the leading provider in enterprise software solutions,  Quest Software for $2.4 billion. He just won the bidding war against Insight Venture Partner that lasted more than a month.

Dell will pay $28 a share for Quest, about $5 a share more than Quest was valued at back in May, and $2.25 a share more than Insight Venture Partner bidded ($25.75).

Dell recently formed a Software group, designed to enhance Dell’s solutions capabilities, and to help find another source of revenue. Quest’s assets, including its access management software, performance monitoring solutions, Windows Server management solutions, database management, and more, will now serve to strengthen it. Dell has also acquired Wyse and SonicWALL. With Quest, the focus is on the data center side of this business.

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