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Najmtek is not just another startup company. Najmtek developed a new innovative product which is the first hybrid product on the market, a fusion between a laptop and a tablet with a stylus provided, called UBOOK. UBOOK (Universal NoteBOOK) is a new concept of laptop including a touch-sensitive keyboard (screenboard). It has all the advantages of the first one (power, compatibility, capacities) and also those of the second one (weight, user-friendly). It is coupled with a multi task software, and a SDK that will allow each of you to develop your own application. Due to his conception, UBook is a “green laptop”, the product for a better life, the product that will help saving hundreds of trees every year.


T-MOBILE: buy one – get one free !

This Wesnesday, the mobile operator T-Mobile launches a special “BOGO” (Buy One, Get One free!) sale. This allows customers to buy a Samsung mobile phone and to get a second phone for free, with a new two-year contracts with the carrier.

This offer applies on all Samsung Galaxy 4G devices available at T-Mobile, including the Galaxy S Blaze, the Galaxy Tab 10.1, the Galaxy Exhibit, the Galaxy S II, and the Galaxy S III . Buyers will purchase the second phone, and will be reimbursed by sending in a rebate card. However, you won’t receive a free Galaxy SIII when buying a Galaxy SIII handset bundled with a new contract. Instead, you will get one of the other Samsung Galaxy including in the sale.

That’s a pretty good deal, especially on the Galaxy SIII, that was just launched last month, even if it cost $80 more at T-Mobile than it does at others carriers. You will find the 16GB model of the phone starting at $279.99 , and the 32GB version at $329.99.

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