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Najmtek is not just another startup company. Najmtek developed a new innovative product which is the first hybrid product on the market, a fusion between a laptop and a tablet with a stylus provided, called UBOOK. UBOOK (Universal NoteBOOK) is a new concept of laptop including a touch-sensitive keyboard (screenboard). It has all the advantages of the first one (power, compatibility, capacities) and also those of the second one (weight, user-friendly). It is coupled with a multi task software, and a SDK that will allow each of you to develop your own application. Due to his conception, UBook is a “green laptop”, the product for a better life, the product that will help saving hundreds of trees every year.


Google+ arrives on iPad

Google has finally released to the App Store a dedicated, full-sized Google+ iPad app. The free app includes several new features that have also been added to the iPhone version introduced a few months ago.

At first glance, the user interface is well designed and visually really satisfying: large photos displayed beautifully, posts appearing as large, photo-centric tiles easy to read and to access, and the animation makes it appear that tiles are just floating into place.”The Google Plus app for Ipad was designed with the device in mind. Your stream styles content based on popularity, type and orientation,” Google VP of Product Bradley Horowitz.

He also said that Google’s added unique ways to interact with the app including:

  • Pinch and expand posts right in your stream to add your comments
  • Use two fingers to drag a post from your stream to easily re-share it
  • Start a Hangout from your iPad and stream it to your TV using AirPlay.

In its current state, the Google+ iPad app has some limitations, like the lack of Events and the Messenger feature. But it’s clear Google has studied a lot how people are using the social networking app, depending on the type of hardware. Each version of the app provides an experience subtly optimized for that mobile device, and the iPad is no exception.

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