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Najmtek is not just another startup company. Najmtek developed a new innovative product which is the first hybrid product on the market, a fusion between a laptop and a tablet with a stylus provided, called UBOOK. UBOOK (Universal NoteBOOK) is a new concept of laptop including a touch-sensitive keyboard (screenboard). It has all the advantages of the first one (power, compatibility, capacities) and also those of the second one (weight, user-friendly). It is coupled with a multi task software, and a SDK that will allow each of you to develop your own application. Due to his conception, UBook is a “green laptop”, the product for a better life, the product that will help saving hundreds of trees every year.


New Iphone 5 release date, specs and rumors !

Although widely expected, there was no iPhone 5 in 2011, only a Phone 4S! The radically different new Apple’s smartphone may be released in the fall.

According to chinese industry players, the new handset, which is rumored to be named the new iPhone,  would be launched on September 21th. It seems that Foxconn will again be manufacturing the handset. “It’ll put the Samsung Galaxy S3 to shame” according to the CEO of Foxconn, Terry Gou – though he didn’t say how.

The sixth generation of iPhone device will probably feature a look similar to the single sheet aluminium casings of the Apple MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. It would upgrade with a  four-inch screen, with a resolution of 640 x 1136 (native ratio 16:9) compared to the current 640 x 960, and a quad-core A6 chips. It could have an 8MP camera, including the new back-illuminated stacked CMOS image sensor, and an HD front-facing camera as well.

Another difference may be the new dock connector, that seems to be smaller: a 19-pin connector on its base when the previous Apple device had an iconic 30-pin port. The iPhone 5 or new iPhone is expected also to support the latest and smallest SIM technology.

There’s been some speculation that Apple might include Near Field Communication (NFC) technology in the new handset, turning it into a kind of new credit/debit card.

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