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Najmtek is a technology start-up, created in 2014, client company of the Houston Technology Center. By commercializing the virtualization of technical hardware and external devices into software applications, Najmtek designs the future of mobile computing while being responsible custodians of the planet. Najmtek has created a powerfully dynamic hardware and software tool, named the UBook, a universal notebook, which delivers a more advanced set of functionalities. Ubook is the premier innovative hybrid IT device of 2016, Top 50 in technology 2016: the first multi-touch, multi-language, multi-accessory and multi-function laptop. Ubook is all-in-one, intuitive and fully customizable. Ubook perfectly fits all your communication and device input needs, regardless of language, and it even supports the special requirements of the disabled user. Ubook is a single machine infinitely transformable with a single touch, streamlining the way we live and work. Najmtek changes the way users interact with their technology as they participate in and contribute to the world. The only limitation is the user’s imagination.

3Doodler, the 3D-Printing pen that destroys Kickstarter Goal

3Doodler, developped by an american toy company called WOBBLEWORKS, is the world’s first and only pen that can draw in the air!

3doodler_handsThis 3D printing pen is so compact that you can hold in your hand. It is really easy to use, and requires no specific software or computers to work. Just plug in into a power socket and start drawing anything within minutes!

The same way that you use a pen, you can use a 3Doodler, except that when you lift the 3Doodler off the paper, the pen keeps spilling out ink, so you can write in the air,” says Max Bogue, co-founder of the company that invented the 3Doodler.

Using ABS plastic or PLA plastic – the common feedstock for traditional 3D printers – the device creates drawings in the air or on surfaces. It works by extruding heated plastic, which quickly cools and solidifies into a strong stable structure. The plastic is self-feeding and you can get a few dozen objects out of one string of plastic.


WobbleWorks, that needed funding, went onto Kickstarter on tuesday of this week with a total goal of raising $30,000. The 3Doodler has absolutely shattered its initial Kickstarter goal by raising over $500,000 in just a day. As of now, the project has 19,675 people pledging $1,755,142.

The demo video below shows an easily recognisable peacock and recreation of the Eiffel Tower that have been made using the pen.

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