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Pinterest acquires LIVESTAR, the mobile recommendation startup

Pinterest has confirmed today its purchase of Livestar, a mobile/local recommendations application founded by Microsoft alum Fritz Lanman, who is also angel investor itself. He has backed several startup like Square, Getaround and Pinterest. Livestar, the social recommendation app gave users ideas on the best content around them, and lets you see reviews for restaurants, […]

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Paper is not dead…

Your new tablet computer may help you declutter your life, but paper won’t ever die. Personnally I have never embraced the predictions that the book was dead or the era of paper is over. Which probably explains why this video of a French commercial warmed by lonely laggard heart. Watch and enjoy:  When “Paperless” won’t […]

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GALAXY S4: Samsung’s newest smartphone revealed

The Galaxy S4 (or Galaxy S IV, as it is officially known) was released Thursday evening at an event at Radio City Music Hall in New York. The fourth in the increasingly popular Galaxy S line is Samsung’s latest attack at Apple and its iPhone. The rumors were true, and more. Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is […]

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Samsung GALAXY S4 to be unveiled today!

Samsung is set to launch a device in its flagship premium smartphone range, expected to be named the Galaxy S4. The Phonemaker is ready to square up to Silicon Valley with the new smartphone, rumoured to have eye-control feature. The Korean company will unwrap its latest blockbuster smartphone at the Radio City music hall in […]

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Apple iPhone Trademark Case in Brazil Nearing Resolution?

A month ago, Apple lost the exclusive rights to use the “iPhone” trademark in Brazil. The rights were then granted to the Brazilian telecommunications firm IGB Eletronica, whose chairman nonetheless said, “We’re open to a dialogue for anything, anytime … we’re not radicals.” Well, it appears that a dialogue has indeed taken place between the […]

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Angry Birds cartoon arrives next week….

Fans of Angry Birds will be happy to learn that Rovio Entertainment will debut its weekly animated series Angry Birds Toons, based on the popular game franchise later this weekend! Users will be able to consume the cartoon version through any of the Angry Birds games they already owns. But according to the company behind […]

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Youtube co-founder working on a new video content service

The concept of YouTube has certainly been imitated over the years. Despite persistent competition from Vimeo and DailyMotion, YouTube remains, after all these years, “the number one” in people’s minds as the online video-sharing service. Today, YouTube cofounder Chad Hurley, who sold You Yube to Google in 2006, and who left the company in 2010,  is planning […]

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How to burn calories? Click on the mouse…

In Japan, it is estimated that an average adult male should burn about 2,000 calories a day while an adult female should use around 1,700 (numbers vary according to age and build). For those of us who spend the best part of our day hunched over a keyboard starting at a computer screen, any physical […]

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Storylane is joining Facebook

Facebook has just acquired Storylane, a relatively young social network focused around telling stories, for an undisclosed sum. But this acquisition is only those of the team behind the newly community story sharing service Storylane, and not the product itself! Storylane founder Jonathan Gheller posted the news to the site on last Friday, assuring Storylane […]

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News Corp. to Enter Educational Tablet Market

News Corporation, the parent company of Fox News and the Fox television network, unveiled a new digital tablet this week at the SXSW tech conference in Austin, Texas, intended to serve millions of schoolchildren and their teachers across the country. The media conglomerate, better known for its ties with Fox News and The Wall Street […]

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