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Leonhard Euler’s 306th birthday honoured by Google Doodle

Leonhard Euler, one of the most greatest mathematicians of all times, is the subject of Monday’s Google doodle.

The Swiss mathematician and physicist is well known for introducing much of the mathematical terminology and notation that is used today, such as the notion of a mathematical function. He also made important discoveries in the field of infinitesimal calculus and graph theory .

Euler is the only mathematician to have two numbers named after him:

– the Euler’s Number in calculus, e, which is approximately equal to 2.71828,
nombre euler

– and the Euler-Mascheroni Constant (gamma) sometimes referred to as just “Euler’s constant“, approximately equal to 0.57721.
euler constant

Born in Basel, Switzerland, in 1707, Euler had his early education in Basel. His interest in mathematics was discovered at his early age, and he was enrolled at the University of Basel at the age of thirteen. he received his Master of Philosophy in 1723, at the age of 16!

Leonhard_EulerWhen he was 20, Euler moved to St. Petersburg, to take a position at the Imperial Russian Academy of Sciences. He lost sight in his right eye in 1735 and after suffering a cataract in his left in 1766, he almost went totally blind. He still continued to publish his results aided by his phenomenal memory and having practiced writing on a large slate when his sight was failing him. He published over 800 papers in his lifetime.
Euler had a phenomenal memory. Even though he lost vision in both his eyes, his productivity increased.

Like Beethoven, who wrote music that he never heard, Euler created mathematics that he never saw. This triumph in the face of adversity makes Euler’s the most inspirational story in the history of mathematics,”observes William Dunham, Truman Koehler Professor of Mathematics, Muhlenberg College

Euler’s influence best on mathematics is perhaps best summarised by Pierre-Simon Laplace, who is believed to have said, “Read Euler, read Euler, he is the master of us all.”

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