UBOOK (Universal Notebook) is a new concept of laptop including a touch-sensitive keyboard (screenboard), thought and developed by Najmtek. Thus, it is the meeting between a laptop and a tablet. It has all the advantages of the first one (power, compatibility, capacities) and also those of the second one (weight, user-friendly).
     This integrated multi touch screen, coupled with its dedicated software (NajmSoft) is our main innovation and is internationally patented.
     UBook is multi language
     The embedded software that manages the touch screen enables you to display a multiple language keyboard. So you can switch between languages when you are writing, simply by clicking on the dedicate short key.
     Send an e-mail in Russian, after in Japanese and a third one in English becomes possible, and really easy to do with UBook.
     UBook is multifunction and multi accessories
     In addition to the basic standard keyboard display, the integrated multitouch screen is also able to display shortkeys for rapid access to functionalities, and many useful and varied accessories, as a phone, a tablet, a numeric pad….. They will then appear directly on this tactile screen through their respective interface.
UBook is completely customizable by the final user directly.
     UBook is fully customizable
     With this tactile touch screen and its dedicated software, you can also order your keyboard as you want it to be. For example, if you want to change the place of the letters, the numbers or any other touch you can do it!
     The NAJM Software managing this multi touch screen enables you to create a list of short key for your preferred applications or accessories, or to change background, colors of buttons, or to display big buttons…
     As you see on the picture below, with UBook you create your own keyboard, with your short keys, the unique one that will fit exactly what you’ve been expecting for so long.

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